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4 Must Have Caravan Accessories

Caravanning is great fun and very much part of the Australian culture. It also brings many visitors to the country as it’s a great way to get around or a budget-friendly way to stay in one place. 

If you own a caravan you probably treat it like a little palace, filling it with everything to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible.

We know this at The Caravan Repair Company as we deal with so many proud and happy owners. There is however a limit, simply because of space, so here are what we think are the must have caravan accessories on the Gold Coast.


Top of the must have accessories list is an awning.

Why? Because it has many benefits. An awning is a canvas (and plastic) canopy that attaches to the caravan rim. It essentially extends the living space of your caravan.

The most basic is a simple canopy that provides shade from the sun and rain, whereas others are the equivalent of a whole extra room that can even be used as a sleep space. You can cook underneath it or just sit and enjoy the additional space. 

Aerial or Antenna

Caravanning is a home away from home trip, and for many that means home comforts including a television. Many caravans now have a TV antenna installed as standard but if yours does not, it is an easy DIY project.

Aerials come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, but you’ll need to choose if you want a directional aerial or an omnidirectional aerial. Please note, an aerial will only give you terrestrial television. It’s a whole other topic if you want satellite TV in your caravan. 

Roof Hatch

The best way to get better air circulation in your van and also let in more light is with a roof hatch. Many types are available with lots of different configurations of openings depending on the opening mechanisms.

It is always preferable to get a professional to fit a roof hatch but confident DIYers, especially those who have converted their own van are perfectly capable of this project. 

Electronic Stability Control

This accessory is specifically for towing caravans. It is a must have if you do a lot of towing and are concerned about safety.

Originally developed for motor vehicles, the technology has been adapted for towed caravans. Caravans that are being towed are unstable, particularly vulnerable to sideways movement.

When a critical point of lateral movement is reached it could overturn. The ESC monitors the movements and automatically applies the brakes when necessary to bring the caravan back into line and restabilising it. 

When you come to us for caravan accessories on the Gold Coast, you get the benefit of 50 plus years’ industry experience.

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