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Best Caravan Accessories For Long Trips

Is there anything better than hitching up the caravan and heading off on a long and relaxing road trip? Well yes actually, knowing you have the right accessories for any situation that may crop up, before you start your trek. That knowledge will ensure the journey is as stress free and fun as possible and a great place to start is here.

Some of the categories for caravan accessories in Gold Coast include:

• Products for unexpected emergency situations that can take you by surprise, cause your stress levels to soar and potentially cost you money.

• Products that simply make life on the road a little bit easier and a whole lot more convenient, these accessories are the intelligent innovations that take your journey on the road to a whole new level.

• Products that are required basics for towing, unhitching, parking and setting up.

Clever Innovations

Among those clever innovations that are both simple and smart is the tyre repair spray, an amazing spray that works on any tyre, repairs and reinflates without having to remove the tyre or cause any damage. This product could get you out of a very difficult situation since it enables you to cover a few hundred kilometres before the damaged tyre needs permanent repair.

Now obviously if you are taking a long trip, you will need to consider how you are going to wash your dirty clothes. The space you have available will play a big part in which products you choose.

Solar Accessories

Depending on where you are planning on travelling to, you may to need to invest in solar panels or a solar blanket, charger, battery and inverter, so you can create a chain of power. In simple terms, this chain of power ensures you can take your precious coffee machine, or other appliance, with you so you can still enjoy a great cappuccino, even if you’re off grid.

There are so many beautiful places to explore in Australia and often it’s the little things you find along the way that mean the most. Once you’ve parked your van, especially when driving long distances, it’s a great idea to cycle around the area, this gives you the chance to check out your surroundings and take it all in, at a slower pace. Folding bikes are a genius solution for compact convenience.


One of the realities of travelling anywhere in Australia, especially through the warmer months, is that you will need to carry fresh, clean drinking water with you. A 40L water tan on wheels will make the job of transporting the water supply from the source back to your van, just that little bit easier. Two available options for this are the Jerry Can & a Water Tank on wheels.

So now that we’ve covered a few of the ‘great to haves’, we can focus on the more technical caravan accessories in Gold Coast.

At The Caravan Repair Company we supply a range of those products, all designed by some of the most reputable manufacturers in Australia. Our knowledgeable team are more than happy to advise you on the equipment most suitable for your situation. And if you need any help installing any of the products we supply, we can help.

Contact us today for helpful advice or for more information about any of our caravan accessories.

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