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Finding Quality Caravan Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you can’t beat Australian manufacturers. Companies like Coast to Coast, Domestic, Fiama and Purple lead the way in RV improvements.

Caravan accessories can make a huge difference to holiday trips, making the very best of the vehicle and the weather. They can also improve caravan safety on the road, giving the motorist extra control.

As suppliers of caravan accessories Gold Coast people trust, we have a comprehensive range of the best on the market.

Home Comforts

When you get to where you’re going, accessories really make the journey worthwhile.

They open your caravan up to the outside world, in more ways than one.

Roof hatches let the air circulate and give a real feeling of space in any caravan. No-one wants to feel cooped up when they’re on holiday, and roof hatches make sure they don’t.

Setting up an awning on the side of your vehicle is also a great start to a caravan holiday.

Modern awnings are really quite something. Rather than an old fashioned lean-to, today’s models give flexibility and a bit of luxury.

It’s also vital to protect yourself and your family from UV exposure, and awnings do just that. Also, you don’t have to be frightened of a spot of rain.

Antennas are a great way to stay in touch with the world. The great outdoors can lose its appeal, especially for younger travellers.

Being connected to the internet and watching TV helps keep all family members happy.

Of course, in the event of something going wrong, you get the peace of mind of letting people know. With a working antenna, you’re never really lost.

Mobility Control

The modern caravan accessories Gold Coast drivers use also help with mobility. Towing a caravan safely is a big responsibility, and there are tools to help you do that. Electronic Stability Control is a hugely important development for caravan owners.

These systems help avoid swaying and swerving while you’re driving. Being overtaken by high sided vehicles can be worrying, but ESC takes a lot of this worry away.

On a long drive, you’re also a hostage to the weather. Especially on exposed roads, the wind can be a real problem for drivers towing caravans. By working with your own vehicle’s braking system, ESC gives much better control.

Your caravan becomes an extension to your own vehicle, rather than something hanging off the back of it.

Around the home, a caravan mover is a great accessory to have.

Rather than having to manoeuvre your van in or out of a tight space, the mover does it for you.

Remote control means you can stand and watch your own handiwork, instead of straining to look in the mirror. This avoids damage to both your caravan and your home.

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